Monday, March 23, 2009

The Key of S. Write That Down.

Hello all. SXSW is over but my head hurts, my brain inside my head hurts, my feet hurt, my groin hurts, my ears hurt, my liver hurts, my colon hurts, my jaw hurts. The weird thing is, as worn out as I am, I had made it back to my parent's house in SA-Town, Texas last night and get this...I was in the middle of passing out on the couch when all of a sudden my eyes and lips both started quivering uncontrollably. Next thing I noticed was that my heart wasn't beating and I wasn't breathing. I was conciously aware that I wasn't breathing but couldn't do anything about.

(Pre-levitation and thrilled by Last Action Hero)

Now this is where it gets weird; starting with my head and then the rest of my upper body, I began to raise up off the couch. There was no one around, that I know of. My body was literally being lifted into the air off the couch, unaided by any natural force that I was aware of. Just as I realized what was going on a huge gasp of air jumped into my mouth and once I started panting to regain my breathe I fell back down onto the couch. I don't know what to say about this...and it is yet unkown if the fact that I was watching Last Action Hero at the time played any part in this.

(During levitation. And no, those aren't my legs or ass. My shits way more on point than that)

If anyone is familiar with this type of phenomena please help me in understanding what happened.

I have many pics and a few videos of SXSW and will put up a lil recap for you as soon as I damn well feel like it. For now, witness this. Look Around You is a show that Adult Swim stole from England because their own programming aint shit these days. Each episode is based around a certain topic yada yada here is the "Music" episode. My other favorite is the "Sulphur" episode. So everyone get your workbooks out and follow along.

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