Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Take Pills...Go Home: The Mixtape

Here it is as promised. Take a listen to this if you happen to be traveling anytime during this here holiday season. The point of it was for taking a bunch of pills and needing something to listen to on the plane ride back to Texas. It teeters on 2 hours and I left out numerous songs I had hoped to get in. So if you were looking for any Ulrich Schnauss or Future Rock I must apologize. I wish they had made the cut as well.

Here is the mixtape:
Take Pills...Go Home

Here is the playlist:

Dosh—Simple Excerises
[[[Vvvrrrsssnnn]]]—Double Dragon (Version DLO Version)
E*vax—Neon and Aluminum
Josef K—Its Kinda Funny
Beck—Guess I’m Doing Fine
Kassin +2—Tranquilo
Broken Social Scene—Pacific Theme
John Coltrane—In a Sentimental Mood
XXL—So easy, so cheap
Bonnie Prince Billy—Am I Demon?
Hot Chip—In the Privacy of our Love
Christian Fennesz—River of Sands
Black Dice—Heavy Manners
Panda Bear—Take Pills
Beach House—Some Things Last a Long Time
Ariel Pink—Life in LA
Grizzly Bear—On a neck, on a spit
Charles Manson—Home is Where you’re happy
Yo La Tengo—Season of the Shark
Vietnam—Step on inside
Caural—Entre Chien et Loup
Steve Reid Ensemble—Bridget
Boards of Canada—Hey Saturday Sun
Kieran Hebden and Steve Reid—Left handed, left minded
Burial—Shell of light
Prefuse 73—Pagina dos

So grab your watson 365s. Start getting your xannax ready. If you're ballin and got some methadone on you then...respect. You're going to enjoy this mixtape. Make sure to wash it all down with a couple of beers and a highball full of Hendrick's and you should be good to go.

To all: Enjoy your Thanksgiving.  Eat more food than is necessary.  Gloat if you run into a Native American (because you're better than them).  Watch football.  Alienate your family.  Be merry.  Fuck bitches you haven't seen in years.  Get them pregnant.  Pretend like it's not yours.  Ask them why you have bumps on your dick.  And finally, something that none of you can touch....Go get you an A1 Thick 'n Hearty from Whataburger. 

 Mexic-Asians love that shit. 

Brite the day


Disco said...

Mother Fuck Yeah!

This is staying up all weekend at the top.

Good show Thaddeus.

Anonymous said...

Job well done smart guy, I dig it.


Dr. D.R. said...

thad - so you want them pills asap or what?

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