Friday, October 17, 2008


Theres an election going on? I guess my vote goes to this guy then

But seriously. Politics belong to the Rotarian cunts who are already in control and will always be in control. For people to think that true "change" can come about with either one of these two shmuuuuuck candidates then you my friend, are a total dumbass.

Along the lines of the great Texan Mr. Perot and the previously mentioned Ron Paul (a Texan as well. And yes I realize he is a "Republican"), anyone that feels like they really want to have a better country to leave behind for our children and their children (Our generation is fucked. Thank your parents for that.) then this joke of a political system must be reworked. Having a "two party" system is an insult to the many great minds that reside within our countries borders. The exclusion of so many qualified leaders just makes our country out to be one giant season of American Idol. We will only become more and more polarized. Republicans and Democrats need to be taken out behind the barn and have their mush-for-brains blown right out. Mccain and Obama are both domestic terrorists. Please do not vote for them. I know girls like big black dick and some people are happy that the "great fighter pilot" that McCain was (even though he managed to get shot down) managed to survive a POW camp and all but....who gives a shit. Neither of them know what the country needs. Neither of them speak on the basis of common sense and whats best for the people. They only want to get elected. They really don't give a shit about you or I.

My candidate. (I know he aint nothing special to look at so if you're one of those superficial hipster cunts that support Obama feel free to turn away)

Believe in truth. Believe in justice. Believe that money is not power. Believe that the people come first.

On a side note: there is one good thing that could come out of this election. I've done a lot of research and this is the only thing I could come up with. One day a private video will be released of Cindy McCain eating out Sarah Palin

....think about it. Girls Gone Wild....get on it.


Vietnam said...

your awesome

Dr. D.R. said...

skurv - thank you.

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