Thursday, October 16, 2008

2 cents...

OK. Lets talk about Obama. Everyone loves the guy. I understand. Not gonna lie. All the cool kids are all about the man but to be real about all this, he's a trend. People support the man but how many of them even know who his V.P is gonna be? I mean honestly. How many people talk about how awesome he is and how many of them are even registered to vote? How many of you know what prop 1A is all about? well here's a hint.

So awesome.

OK. OK. Now most of you should know something about prop 8. Ill give you that and if you don't just stop. Stop reading. Check your myspace. Take a nap. Seriously. Now for all those people that are for hope probably don't know who this is.


the only person who truly wanted to end this war. Don't get me wrong. I'm a very liberal person. I love that Barack knows William Ayers. I thinks it's my favorite thing about him. I think he totally down plays the whole thing but those of you who know who he is and what he used to stand for should agree with me. Honestly the thing that scares the fucken shit out of me with Obama is this.


Now I know all you people who got that "Barack is my home boy" shirt watched the debate last night. Wait. I doubt it but Barack didn't really say so much. I watched the first half and listened to the last half on the way home. McCain is a fucken robot. I swear it. K don't make fun of the war vet. I'm sorry. Like really am sorry but I mean Obama is a smooth motherfucker. None the less I really think that everyone is about him because he's marketable. That's it. No one knows shit about what he stands for. I thought about it for a bit after hearing the "Joe the plumber" shit. Isn't it weird that the gov. if buying all the banks stock to bail them out? I mean they ll own all the major financial institutions in the this country. Remember how all the economist were super freaked about China cause they were buying all the stock of banks due to the whole mortgage thing? kinda funky i think. K. here it is. The federal owns the shit out of banks. Obama will most def. create a bigger divide between the upper and middle class. The rich are gonna be way fucken rich and the poor are gonna be caped at $250,000. Totally mind control of the American public. The poor are happy due to all these tax breaks. The rich just own the shit out of our country. The rich become even more of a ruling class. I would rather have Obama and Biden than McCain and Palin but I'm voting Ron Paul. If you know all your shit and your all about Obama then High motherfucken Five to you cause that's good your in the know. I have never voted anything but democrat and if it wasn't for Ron Paul Obama would have been my man but sometimes you gotta do whats right for your country and not you ego.


p.s This is my first and last blog about politics. I promise.

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