Sunday, June 7, 2009

No Cunt. What Do You Have In Your Pockets?

Certain members of The Disco Vietnam, possibly the same two involved in game show shenanigans, were victims of a poorly planned robbery by two meth-crazed Mexicans. They tried the ol "distract you with a crazy little guy that you aren't sure if he's trying to hug you or punch you while the big Mexican jumps out of the bushes and attacks you with a knife." Classic move guys, but again, poor execution. Lets be serious here. I have to be relatively easy to stab. I have no experience in fighting off a guy with a knife. Come on. These are your thugs LA? Two drunk, utterly confused white kids can fight off two drug crazed cholos? PAH. Not only that, we just walked away afterwards.

Note however, that on the "police report" that they didn't check the HATE CRIME/INCIDENT box. Whats up with that LAPD? They jumped us because of our pigmentation...obviously.

Lastly, fuck you LAPD. I don't need your services.

For real lastly, wearing two polos of similar colors with both collars flippantly popped is BACK. Get excited.

brite the day
-Thaddeus aka Jean Claude Baked Ham aka The Apartment of Homeland Minorities aka Big Papa Fresh aka H.E. Pennypacker aka 333 aka Ironic Reference

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Anonymous said...

i heard you two ran away. not walked.

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