Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Where have I been? I wish I knew. I like tequila. Looks good.

I've been writing for this website Evil Monito for a couple of weeks now. I just did a large piece on the Cheech and Chong show I saw recently. I won't tell you about it. Just go fucking read it.

Going up to Austin for SXSW tomorrow. Doing some interviews, bang chicks, pop morphine, mainline Shiner Bocks 100th anniversary beer (aptly titled THE COMMEMORATOR) straight into my veins. You know, that type of shit. If anyone reading this is going to be there hit me up. I'll show you what real Mexican food and/or BBQ is.

That is all for now. Be safe my people. And if you haven't seen Will Ferrell's George Bush thing yet you desperatly need to. He kind of killed the making fun of W thing for anyone and everyone because he straight dominated that shit. Fucking hilarious.

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