Sunday, January 11, 2009

This Way...It Won't Leak Onto The Other Garbage

Made this the other night.  Tried to make it as fast as possible.  You know, because I get bored with things.  So it's a bit rough in spots and I'm not sure I even rendered the file properly so it might be on the quiet side.  (Also, I'm just anal retentive.)*  But not to worry, just put a bunch of mdma on you tongue.  It'll sound really good after that.  You might be prone to thinking you aren't a douche bag after listening to this.  Don't be fooled, you're still a douche.  Suck it Aoki.  Balls in your court.    

Soulwax – E Talking
True Pseudo – Freaking Me Out
Yelle – A Cause Des Garcons (Riot in Belgium Remix)
Pink Skull – Drugs Will Keep Us Together
Klaxons – As Above, So Below (Justice Remix)
Chromeo – Bonafied Lovin’ (Riot in Belgium and Ooh-ee Remix)
Hearts Revolution – CYOA (Flosstadamus RMX)
Justice – DVNO (LA Riots Remix)
Dieter Schmidt – Morse Code From the Cold War
Santo Gold – LES Artistes (XXXchange Remix)
Hot Chip – Ready For the Floor (Jesse Rose Mix)
Daft Punk – Technologic
Daft Punk – Robot Rock
Daft Punk – Around the World (Villains More Cowbell DJ Edit)
Daft Punk – Human After All (Guy-Man After All Justice Mix)
Daft Punk – Television Rules the Nation
Daft Punk – Digital Love (Red Foxxs Bmore Surprise Mix)

Daft Punk medley?  Check.  
Poor mixes?  Check.  
MDMA?  Check.
Harry Dean Stanton? Check.  
Go time.  

I have another mix that had been sitting on my hard drive for the past few months.  It's much better.  I'll put it up tomorrow.  


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