Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I Like Noises. I Also Like Hot Mexican Girls Who Touch Synthesizers

This is a video made by the Nortec Collective when they visited Big City Music. Big City Music is one of the top analog synthesizer stores in the nation and is located in Studio City. It's not even so much a store as it is a showroom. And to top it all off they brought some hot Mexican babe with them. She can touch my synth anytime she wants. You can see at least a knob or slider from Analogue Systems modular, LL Electronics, Metasonix, Cwejman, Mellotron, Sherman, Jomox, Vermona, System 8500 modular, French Connection Martenot-style controller, rs-420 Octave Controller, rs95e VCO, rs370 Polyphonic Harmonic Generator, rs300 CV to MIDI and many others.

Also, for those of you with access to "cable" television, last night was a special 2-hour Inside the Actor's Studio with guest Conan O'Brien. Other than Dave Chappelle's appearance on the show this is hands down the best interview that James Lipton has ever done. Any fan of Conan should watch this as his time on Late Night comes to an end. He's an extremely bright man and it's great to see how seriously he takes his job, no matter how foolish he makes himself look. Here are two bonus clips that weren't in the episode.

It is truly a must see. I don't know when or if they are replaying it but set your Tivo to record it.

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