Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Because we blog a 100 times a day....

Sugar lumps. Made me laugh.

MotionLight (1:35:18 PM): sugar lumps

codilius (1:35:40 PM): word
MotionLight (1:35:49 PM): shits so funny to me
codilius (1:35:51 PM): you suck at spelling
MotionLight (1:36:06 PM): why
codilius (1:36:41 PM): conchords
codilius (1:36:43 PM): chile?
codilius (1:36:49 PM): you mean chili?
codilius (1:36:51 PM): hahahahaha
MotionLight (1:38:31 PM): are you keeping a diary of my mis spellings
codilius (1:38:53 PM): i could
MotionLight (1:38:54 PM): Jan. 28, 2009
codilius (1:38:59 PM): and i would make it a really awesome book
MotionLight (1:39:14 PM): Today Alex didnt spell chili right. he spelled it chile.
MotionLight (1:39:37 PM): Would you believe he didnt put a h in conchords?
codilius (1:39:59 PM): no it would be like this
codilius (1:40:05 PM): Jan. 28, 2009
MotionLight (1:40:12 PM): I cant wait for him to miss a letter again
MotionLight (1:40:27 PM): and i cant wait for more cum on my dick salad
codilius (1:40:49 PM): Alex sends me a text message that he is going to make the country Chile at home, I know he means the food product but by golly it makes me laugh.
codilius (1:41:33 PM): Alex sends me a text about the new Flight of the Conchords then about a specific scene. He then proceeds to blog a clip and IM me about it. I think he likes me.
MotionLight (1:42:11 PM): did you watch the fucken clip dip shit
codilius (1:42:33 PM): not yet
MotionLight (1:42:53 PM): spoiled my self a little at Food 4 less
MotionLight (1:43:06 PM): they had Jarritos for 58 cents a bottle
codilius (1:43:09 PM): what did you get
codilius (1:43:12 PM): nice
MotionLight (1:43:21 PM): so i got 8 pineapple ones
MotionLight (1:43:26 PM): fucken the best
MotionLight (1:43:36 PM): glass bottles too
MotionLight (1:43:43 PM): classy mexican shit


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