Monday, December 15, 2008

Titles With Puns

Kenny Mayne is a long time ESPN anchor.  He's been there since the days of Craig Kilborn and Keith Olbermann.  The real golden age of Sports Center.  In recent years ESPN has relegated him to much lesser roles and these types of one off videos yet he continues to be the best thing ESPN has going for it.  (Other than Van Pelt obviously).  

He now has a web series called Mayne Street.  It is easily one of the best "web series" around.  Over the course of this next week I'm going to post a bunch of the episodes so you can join in on the hilarity.  I'll start you off with the profiles they did of each character.  

Not only is Kenny Mayne in it but it also stars Ben Schwartz of Rejected Jokes fame.  As well, it stars Jon Glaser as the Video Cowboy.  You might not know his name but he was featured in Conan O'Brien skits for years and also made an appearance in the Comedians of Comedy film.  Comic Jordan Carlos is also in it.  (He's the black guy).  Alison Becker is in it as well.  She's been in other shit.  You'll probably recognize her.  She's a girl.  

---------hold on my corn dogs are burning. 
--------------------------------now my mouth is burning.  Ye of little patience.

And away we go...

Kenny Mayne - Sports Personality 

Cameraman Bruce Reynolds  - The Video Cowboy Part 1

Cameraman Bruce Reynolds - The Video Cowboy Part 2

Jordan Henry - Production Assistant 

Evan Mintz - The Boss

Sarah Morton - Producer

The episodes are truly amazing so I will treat you to those as the days go by.  I hope people actually watch them and realize how great Kenny Mayne is.  It's kind of like Darrell Hammond on SNL.  Most of the time you don't even realize he's there but he's been on the cast for at least 75 years.  

It's cold out.  Don't forget the best way to stay warm is to get naked.  Also, getting X-rated doesn't hurt.   

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