Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanksgiving. HOORAY!!!!!!!!

I had a great Thanksgiving break with my family in which much thanks was given.  It goes as follows:

My dad got it started off with some appetizers.  Oh shit dad -- you love meat and bread.  But what's with the veggies?  Snap.

Here's some more of the "fam."  Hey Grampa, I told you to get your own denim shorts.  Those are mine!!!!

The family cat (Renardo) getting in on the action.  Hey Renardo -- next time -- don't puke on my shoes.  

Watch out!!!  Crazy Uncle John is up to his old "Is there someone talking in my shoes?" trick again.  Last year his hip snapped out of place and he had to have it replaced.  His new hip is made of metal.  He's like a superman now!!!!

Jimmy Smits doesn't have anything to do with my Thanksgiving or my family.  I just think he doesn't get enough recognition as an actor.  Please, give him another chance. 

Here are my two nephews Joe Jr. and Rush.  Be careful.  They'll kick your ass.  

This is my cousin Thomas Aquinas (named after Thomas Aquinas).  He loves video games.  And baby goggles.  He also sweats when he eats.    

And lastly, I took of photo of myself -- blogging.  Hooray!!!!!

Hope you all had a great break also!!!!  Don't forget to buy your advent calendars.  Remember, hes always checking that list twice.  (Like the capitalist patsy that he is.  Hooray!!!!!!)

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this is truly america

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