Thursday, December 4, 2008


EDIT. Due to my unavoidable retardation I was incorrect on missing the show last night and there being a show tonight. The kind man in the comments will inform you properly. It's nice to have people looking out for you. Now I really have no excuse to not be there. The affirmation of my retardation sends reverberations down my invertibrations.

Played last night. Missed it. Play again tonight at something called FMLY presents: Enjoy Human. If anyone knows anything about this please do not bogart the 411.

ok....seriously. no one knows about this? theres also a sarah silverman led show in the cemetary tonight. any takers?


DJ Tom Hanks said...

Yo Ninjasonik just got in this morning and their first show in LA is at the STAYBAD party at Temporary Spaces, Friday night. They are playing a set with Japanther backing them up Roots band style. Japanther is also doing their own set. And then there is a badass dance party with Ninjasonik DJ-ing with the residents Tom Hanks and Brap. Holla!
check it:

Thaddeus Babeuf said...

Snap. Its taken me a while to move from the Julian calendar to the currently accepted Gregorian calendar. Thustly, I dont know how to read a calendar and/or know what date it is. Thanks for the heads up. See you there.

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