Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Alright America, you got me.

So I am registering to vote this year. My reasons for not voting were stupid and I don't care what anyone says...I DON'T WANT JURY DUTY OKAY AMERICA? I am voting because of Sarah Fucking Palin. I do not want her anywhere near my America. So US secret societies, do not give me jury duty because I won't go. I will host a no jury duty party and use your letter as confetti for the party. And I say US secret societies because I have a blog counter and I know who checks this blog. I know that homeland security checked this once. We are no threat to the US. I promise that. We love america. To prove my point check out this video:

I gave you a shout out USA. A SHOUT OUT! So don't fuck with us okay? We back you.

So does GQ and Jimmy Kimmel. Check this photo shoot from the November Issue.




Honest Abe.




Best man ever.



So holler at me America. I will rep you all day everyday. However, on election day you better believe I am writing in my name for every office except President.


Tell me I would not look good in office. I would make Rick Ross my party manager and shit would be on.


Making Dreams Come True,

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