Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Lover of LP Covers

i hope others will find enjoyment in these classic covers as much as i do.  

i get the feeling that DC didnt sign off on this one.  

Tom Hanks' best work



i dont know who this chucha la loca lady is but she clearly knows how to party.  
for the final album cover of this first installment i will leave you with my good friend Dynamite getting into the holiday spirit.  


and what's the deal with all the family guy posts on this piece?  this isn't 2004 guys.  

and if anyone is going to be in the san antonio area this upcoming saturday and/or sunday you can meet me here. 

the #1 gun show and in texas.  anti-aircraft.  full auto.  rpgs.  switchblades.  nazi memorabilia.  buffalo jerkey.  cant beat it.   

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Anonymous said...

2004. year of life.

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