Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Last Night was fucking epic. Ratatat is amazing live. Imagine someone pouring gallons of water onto your face while giving you a hanjie. It's pleasant and unforgiving at the same time. They destroyed on guitar, synth, and bass while smoke continued to rise from the ground floor. The visuals were equally amazing. They wouldn't let Vietnam take his camera into the Fonda so Amanda shot pictures with her phone.

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None of us have been to a show where the crowd supported a band that much in a long time. Seriously, everyone was so amped to be there which made the show even better. There were no "cool" guys standing around, everyone was dancing and screaming. Now I know I may be late on seeing Ratatat live, but I don't care. Good shit is good shit.


P.S. Tonight is Midnight Juggernauts so stay tuned.

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