Wednesday, May 21, 2008



you can see it in that old creepy fellers eyes.  he, like many, is clearly going over the possibilities that would exist in the opportunity of doing the dirty with an invincible cheerleader.  things could get a little messy.  

Here is the main page on ebay.  you can win some pretty awesome stuff like this.

most importantly though would be this auction here.  
"You and up to 5 guests will join Hayden Panettiere at a Save the Whales Again! fundraising dinner hosted at the famous Hollywood restaurant Beso, owned by Eva Longoria.
The following week you’ll board Condor Cruises’ Condor Express with 5 of your friends for lunch and a whale watching tour off the coast of Santa Barbara, California, through the Channel Islands, to witness some of the most spectacular whale feeding grounds and have the chance to see the ever-elusive Blue Whale.
The total package also includes hobnobbing over drinks and dinner at Beso, photo opportunities with Hayden, $1000 American Express® gift card and a private whale watching tour with Hayden and Jeff Pantukhoff, world-renowned whale researcher, marine life filmmaker and founder of The Whaleman Foundation."
(of course eva longoria found a way to work herself into this.  lets just hope tony longoria can put that crone out of his consciousness tonight.  GET TO THE FUCKING RIM TONY)


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