Tuesday, April 15, 2008


last summer the founder of Elektron, daniel hansson, passed away following an auto accident.  elektron is a name that should be familiar to most digital musicians as they have made the Monomachine, Machinedrum and SIDstation drum machines.  you can find any number of demonstrations of these machines on youtube and if you arent familiar with them you should give 'em a look.  

so, to get to the purpose of this post.  the extended community who uses elektron's machines of madness have come together with a compilation of their music.  one of the great parts of this story is that elektron had nothing to do with it.  the artists collectively came together and did this for all the right reasons.  the list of contributers include the famed and obscure alike: Autechre, Beautiful Planet Earth, Boom Bip, dDamage, Daedelus, Dntel, Erase, Emnine, Future Image, Honey Claws, How Dragons Disappear, John Starlight, Jon Martensson, John Tejada, Kero, Landstrumm, Material Object, Micronaut, Music International, Orsan Kart, Pelektor, Proxy, scutopus, TS3K, and The Brown Moth, Tiga, The Sea and Cake, TreD Grp, Van Basten, AEVSVS, Wanker’s United

even more exciting is that tracks by The Sea and Cake, Boom Bip, Tiga, Proxy, John Starlight and a few others are exclusive to this compilation.  so, for a mere $5.  5 fucking dollars, thats it, you can download the 3o song compilation.  but the fun doesnt end there.  your $5 will go directly to daniel's favorite charity, the world wildlife fund.  (and yes, i know many of you will be upset at the WWF because they are the reason that the real WWF is now known as WWE, but i hope we can get past that for the time being.)  

but whats that?  theres more?  youre goddamn right theres more.  if you purchase the compilation you are automatically entered for a chance to win a SIDstation, which is one of the most bad ass noise making devices of any type, ever made.  in simple terms, it has the sound chip from the old commodore 64 computers.  if you know anything about those, you know the SIDstation rocks the fucking house.  

OH SHIT.  BUT WAIT.  THERES EVEN MORE.  there are another 25 songs available for download totally free.  so for $5 you can help out some panda bears, help keep the memory of an innovator of the digital music era, you get 55 songs and you also have a chance for some bad ass music making gear.  

in conclusion, go to www.45tribute.com and do something positive with your life.  karma is a bitch and you dont want it coming back at you so do something about it now.  

ill try to post up some videos of what elektron's toys are capable of so you know how important of a man daniel hansson was.  

gettin 'r dun der dunder

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