Tuesday, April 22, 2008


so, i'm a big fan of circuit bending. i think the sounds that come from this process are truly amazing and pretty damn orgasmic. with that said, part of the appeal of circuit bending is that it is avant-garde to the extremes. most people just dont get or dont understand what the purpose of circuit bending is. and certainly, middle aged white people who work on the local news have no fucking clue whats going with this stuff.

here are two perfect examples of what i'm talking about. first is an appearance by the duo Beatrix*Jar. the sound in the video sucks so you cant really hear much of what the play but based on the way the host keeps looking off behind the cameras, he was not impressed whatsoever.

this next video is the chronic though.  Dan Deacon is an amazing musician/performer.  this clip of him on a local morning news show must have been a horrendous sight to anyone who normally wakes up to that show.  dan's performance speaks for itself.  my favorite part though, other than his obvious performing skills, is that in between the interview and the performance they do a quick weather report.  you just cant sandwich absurdity with tangible information.  if you dont watch the entire thing at the very least go to about the half way point when dan starts playing.  trust me, its all worth your time.  if youve gotten this far in the blog world you obviously dont have shit to do in your life so give it a watch.

for further proof of dan deacons badassness check out his website at dandeacon.com.  pure class.


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